Lunch and Learn: Get to the Emotional Core of Your Goals
We all have goals – but do you know the Touchstone or emotional core of your goal? Your Touchstone is the sweet center of the goal for you. Creative fulfillment…fame…money…the chance to help people... If you can put your Touchstone into a few words, it will not only help you pick a target that is loaded with the kind of sweets that nourish you, it will also show you how to design the shortest, most direct, gratifying route to that goal!

Once you have your Touchstone you can go after your goal! Our Lunch & Learn session will include an interactive brainstorming session where we will brainstorm ideas for people’s dreams and their obstacles. It is fun and you will leave with a list of new ideas for your own dream!

Mara Williams is a Professional Coach and Registered Success Team Leader. She is the founder of the Success Team Network that helps bring people together to focus on transforming their lives for greater success and happiness. Mara works individually with business owners, career professionals, new businesses, solopreneurs as well as high school & college students who are designing their life and career pathways. She also works individually and in group settings with women wo are reaching for their next dream as they create a new vision and empowered life.


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