Mingle 101 or How To Work A Room- Free Lunch & Learn
One of the time-honored skills of successful business people world-wide is the ability to network, to schmooze, to work a room. Are you feeling a little rusty? Or perhaps the whole idea of networking is new to you. Maybe you just don't know where to start? I can help! With a collection of tips, tricks, suggestions and rules of the road, Mingle 101 will help you be successful as a networker and reach your goals (yes, even networking should have a goal).

Key Take-Aways:

Setting a goal for each networking opportunity
Preparing to network
Best practices for when you're in "the arena"
Diplomacy in action
Closing and follow-up

Speaker Biography: Tim Heimerle holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Concordia University in River Forest, Illinois and has spent the past 20 years working for non-profit organizations in New York City and Seattle. Tim has presented at the American Public Gardens Association and Chorus America national conferences, respectively. He has served on grants panels for the Westchester Arts Council, the American Symphony Orchestra League and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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