Contact Rescue Workshop

Have you ever forgotten to follow up with someone? Or lost contact information from an important client?

Space is limited - Grab your ticket $65
💻 Bring your Laptop and let’s get this done! 💻

- Establish a central, reliable location for your contact information.
- Learn to set up and read a .CSV file (File for importing contacts into other systems like a CRM or ESP).
- Setup a system for follow up and follow through.

👩‍💻 Join me in this workshop and together we will organize your contacts so that you can a "go to" place to keep track of your people and build a strategy for following up and following through. 👩‍💻

After a quick strategy presentation, we will GET TO WORK!
The goal is to get your contacts organized so you can easily know who you need to connect with next!

✅ By the end of this workshop, you will have all the skills you need to get and keep track of your people!

Space is limited - Grab your ticket $65 at 

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